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Multi Cache
difficulty terrain
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GeoWolf 9: De Plateaux - OB1B03 Cache van de maand
Winter or summer, a visit to De Plateaux and the adjacent Belgian nature reserve Hageven is a ornithological spree.
Eigenaar: hellsinki
Plaatser: GeoWolf
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altitude Hoogte: 0 meter
location Provincie: Nederland > Noord-Brabant
type Cache soort: Multi Cache
size Grootte: Normaal
status Status: Beschikbaar
time Tijd: n/b    wayTo Lengte: 8.00 km
hidden Geplaatst op: 01-01-2003
creation-date Gemaakt op: 04-08-2015
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Cache met veel natuur 

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The 8 km trip takes you through various habitat types such as water meadows, ponds, woodland, forests, heath and rough grassland where pony's run free. There is also a herd of Galloway cows.

The area retains much of its rural atmosphere, providing a strong sense of enclosure and seclusion. Hageven also offers a great opportunity to study the dynamics of the river Dommel meandering through wet meadows, high- and medium high moors, as well as rural pastures. The river is constantly eroding its banks and tends to flow within a deep channel. The marshy areas and winding creeks have a special organic quality which contrasts with more structured arable farmland. Ancient hedgerow oak trees are prominent local features, particularly along lanes and tracks.

Park your car at:

N 51°16.212' E005°24.034'

... opposite the BP gasstation. Then walk to N 51°14.764' E005°24.532' and find out why and when (YEAR) Jezus got it wrong. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

Navigate from there to a brick monument at:

N 51°16.(YEAR-1771)' E005°25.(YEAR-1183)'

Find a name on the monument and count the letters (=NUMBER)

The location of the cache GeoWolf 9 is:

N 51°16.(YEAR-1407)' E005°25.((46*NUMBER)+(NUMBER/2))'

Happy hunting!

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