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Multi Cache
difficulty terrain
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GeoWolf 3: Eleven Thousand Virgins - OB1B41
Eigenaar: GeoWolf
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altitude Hoogte: 0 meter NAP
location Provincie: Nederland > Limburg (NL)
type Cache soort: Multi Cache
size Grootte: Groot
status Status: Beschikbaar
time Tijd: 1:15 h    wayTo Lengte: 5.00 km
hidden Geplaatst op: 20-03-2002
creation-date Gemaakt op: 23-10-2017
published-date Gepubliceerd op: 23-10-2017
last-mod Laatste verandering: 16-03-2018
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description Beschrijving EN

Two brooks meander and converge in the tranquil valley of the Leu, carving out idyllic spots in deposits of ancient windblown sands. The Leudal nature reserve supports a diverse range of habitats in a relatively small area and is known as a sanctuary for rare birds such as the kingfisher. This brilliantly coloured bird nests in the steep banks of the Leu and Zelster brook.


According to legend, 11.000 beautiful young women were martyred at the hands of the Huns near

Cologne on October 21, AD 451. They were travelling with St. Ursula, daughter of Dionotus, the

Christian king of Cornwall. Ursula was granted a 3 year postponement of a marriage to a pagan

prince she hated.


With 10 ladies in waiting, each of noble birth and attended by a thousand maidens, she finally

embarked on a voyage across the North Sea, sailing up the Rhine through The Netherlands. As the

massacre by pagan Huns took place near rapids in a brook Ursula became the patron saint of



Park your car south of the village of Roggel at N 51°15.330' E005°56.277' ...


... and follow this route:


N 51°15.224' E005°56.472'

N 51°15.157' E005°57.650'

N 51°15.051' E005°57.715'

N 51°15.052' E005°56.948'


St. Ursula, virgins at her side, is guarding an isolated place which was (re)built in stone in (YEAR).

Navigate from there to the GeoWolf cache at:


N 51°15.(YEAR - 1548)' E005°56.(YEAR - 1445)'


Look for higher ground. The cache is buried, but you don't have to dig.


Happy Hunting!

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