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GeoWolf 4: The Fourth Dimension - OB1B43 Skrzynka miesiąca
Właściciel: GeoWolf
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Wysokość: 108 m n.p.m.
 Województwo: Holandia > Limburg (NL)
Typ skrzynki: Quiz
Wielkość: Normalna
Status: Gotowa do szukania
Czas: 1:00 h    Długość trasy: 4.00 km
Data ukrycia: 04-04-2002
Data utworzenia: 28-10-2017
Data opublikowania: 28-10-2017
Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 20-04-2018
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Opis EN
Find your way along valleys and streams in the lush forest on the hillside of the 'Slingerberg', near the village of Geulle, while searching for the descendant of the original TimeCache, which is now travelling the Fourth Dimension, carrying digitized messages from geocachers to the future.
Space is defined by three dimensions. But there's no Space without Time. Space is the distance between waypoints. Time is the distance between events. Search CyberSpace for moments in Time to transform into spatial coordinates.
During World War II a concrete vault was constructed inside the St. Pietersberg to store national art treasures. In what year (YEAR1) did the first art transport arrive in Maastricht?
In the late Cretaceous, 65 million years ago, Ber the Mosasaur died in the warm waters of the Western Interior Sea. While the carcass of the 15 meter long marine reptile sank to the seafloor, scavenging sharks ripped the flesh from the bones. As eons passed, the remains petrified and the seabed rose to become the only 'mountain' in The Netherlands. In the last decade of the second millennium, palaeontologist Rudi Dortangs found the almost complete skeleton of Ber in a recently uncovered section of the ENCI cement quarry. The exact year is YEAR2.
Take your Time to locate the cache in Space. Park your car on N 50°55.700' E005°45.550' and enter the GeoWolf space-time continuum at N 50°55.777' E005°45.333'. Navigate to N 50°56.000' E005°45.150' and from there to ...
N 50°55.(YEAR1 - 969)' E005°45.(YEAR2 - 1529)'
.... where you'll find the spatial coordinates of the GeoWolf TimeCache.
After visiting the cache, walk to N 50°55.795' E005°44.955' and home in on your car from there.
Happy hunting!
At the Time of publication, the Space was there, but the cache wasn't. Hunters were allowed to log a virtual cache after reciting a line from a poem on a pillar. The actual TimeCache materialized in 2002 at the Time of the summer solstice. Visitors were invited to contribute a CD-ROM with a message to future generations: text documents, foto's, video, music ... digital items to define their personal Space in Time.
During the summer solstice of 2004 the TimeCache turned into a Time capsule. Twenty eight CD- ROM's were transferred to a stainless steel container stashed away in an old limestone mine that is closed to the public. In this stable environment the Time capsule embarked on a journey through the Fourth Dimension to an unknown destination in the future. The capsule also contains a laptop PC without batteries. Though it's not likely that the laptop will survive the centuries in working condition, it will shed light on the technology involved to create and view the enclosed optic media.
Nowadays a regular cache remains at the location of the former TimeCache.
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