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19-LRX Cache Auto - OB1BDE
21-ST cache auto
Owner: Harko72
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Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: Netherlands > Groningen
Cache type: Moving
Size: Micro
Status: Ready for Search
Date hidden: 19-06-2020
Date created: 19-06-2020
Date published: 19-06-2020
Last modification: 06-02-2021
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Description EN NL

When I am on the road, I am sending my position to the APRS network. This cache is linked to that.

The car is often near the listed coordinates, but you can see the last received position here:


Last position on the map!mt=roadmap&z=15&call=a%2FHARKO72&timerange=7200&tail=3600


But of course, it is not that simple:

- The position is only sent when I am in the car and then only every 90 seconds.

- Maybe I'm just driving away before you get to the cache.


The cache name should help you find the cache car ... And once you have the car, it's not that difficult anymore! If necessary, the spoiler image helps. And no, the container is not magnetic! Just unscrew it.


Have fun finding this cache.

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